Tiny Castle Scenic $245--SOLD

I have never seen a detailed scenic bead knit purse that is this small before.  It was purchased in a lot with another castle scenic that is a normal sized version, and I suspect the same purse maker made both bags at the same time due to the similarity of the beads and design.

They remind me of a "Mommy and me" set of purses, and this little one is perfect for that Granddaughter or other young child who is always admiring your beaded purses but isn't ready for a collection yet.  This could be the bag that belongs to them as their first one, that you display next to your full-sized version!  Discount available if you buy both purses together (the "Mommy" purse is called Castle Kids Scenic).

Jeweled and enameled frame, gorgeous lush fringe, and a few old repairs that do not detract from the beauty of the purse.  Measures 4 1/2" wide by 7" long.castle kids and tiny


tiny castle